We Are Part of Independent Lancaster!

We are pleased to let you all know that we have just joined a local scheme, Independent Lancaster. The initiative was created by local illustrator Jack Knight and was launched at the start of 2015. He felt passionately that something needed to be done to help small businesses and we think it’s a brilliant idea.

The idea is to buy a card for £10 and you can use it on any current deals with any of the businesses signed up with the scheme.

You can buy a card on the Independent Lancaster website, or you can buy it in one of the local shops listed on their website. We think it’s a great idea and there’s plenty of cracking deals from all sorts of shops, services, cafes, bars and restaurants and well worth a tenner!

independent-lancasterThrough Independent Lancaster we’re currently offering 10% off your order, so if you see us down at the Lancaster Brewery Christmas Market next weekend with your card you’ll get a wee bit off your purchase and be doing your bit for Lancaster!

To find out more and get your own card, visit Independent Lancaster’s website.