Top Drawer 2018

Our Very First Exhibition…

We are very pleased to now be able to let you know that we are part of Arteria‘s BUILD exhibition, which launched this week in Lancaster and runs until mid May.

wonkyboardendgrainWe have known for several months that we were going to be part of the exhibition, and have been extremely excited and busy preparing all of the products. Being part of this has given me the opportunity to use some of the exotic woods I bought recently at a Woodworking event which we haven’t used on anything else.

We were asked to submit twelve products of our choosing, so we decided to go with our champion product, the End Grain chopping board, our brand new Wonky Serving Board, several Candle Holders and a couple of Desk Tidies.

desktidiesWe have the option to replace products throughout the exhibition, so be sure to visit our Facebook page to keep up to date with our new product launches, or even better, visit the shop and browse our products yourself!

On Friday, we went down to the gallery for the launch event, which was brilliant. It was great to see all the exceptionally talented Makers and Craftspeople and to be a part of them felt great. There really are some exceptional pieces in the store so I’d highly recommend you go down and have a look.

To find out more about our involvement with the exhibition, drop us an email. To keep up to date with our day to day journey, visit our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and give us a like & follow!