Found Gallery Dunbar

William Firth Woodcraft & Found Gallery, Dunbar

Found Gallery is a beautiful space located in Dunbar, outside of Edinburgh.

Found Gallery

Found Gallery opened in 2010 by husband and wife team, Amy and Simon. The gallery has become a real eclectic mix of handmade, beautiful pieces. Alongside Amy’s own artwork, a wide range of work is shown which changes regularly, and we are so pleased to say William Firth Woodcraft is soon to be one of them!

Found Gallery DunbarOur Work

We have been given complete free reign to come up with a selection of products that compliment each other, and that will sit well in the Found Gallery. We are working on a wide range of pieces that we believe will be perfectly suited to the space, and without giving away too much at this stage, there will be a mix of our most popular products as well as some exclusive, one-off pieces.

Found Gallery DunbarAmy said, “Here at Found we love the excitement of a great ‘find’.  Beautiful pieces, that are quirky, unusual and exquisitely made.  When I saw William’s gorgeous wood while meandering online one day, I knew he’d be a perfect fit for the gallery. A true contemporary craftsman, his work is 100% handmade, beautiful as well as functional and sits well with our ‘one of a kind’ ethos.  I’m excited to be showcasing his work, and look forward to selling loads of wonderful wood here at Found.”

We can’t wait to see our work in Found, and we’re even using it as an opportunity to visit in person, when we hand deliver the pieces. Our pieces will be available from the beginning of September.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact us.