About WIlliam Firth Woodcraft

William Firth Woodcraft is an independent woodwork workshop based in Scorton, Lancashire. Owned by William Firth himself, Will has always been creative, whether it be making music or building all of his own bedroom furniture when he was a teenager! He has always been hand crafting something or other, inspired by seeing his Grandad turning bowls on his lathe when he was a child. Here, we’d like to tell you more about William Firth Woodcraft, including our achievements to date and the types of project we complete.

The Vision.

We create a variety of products as well as unique, bespoke wooden furniture. Throughout 2017 we have worked a lot with Breweries, including Lancaster Brewery and Hammerton Brewery, and increased our number of Stockists including Barton Grange and The Collaborative Store in London, which we hope to continue into 2018 and beyond.

Woodworker & Woodturner

The most important thing to us as a business is to ensure that we use the highest quality materials, processes and finishes to ensure our products last at least a lifetime. We am truly passionate about every item we create and want our customers to love their end products too!

Every single one of our products is 100% handmade from start to finish and is therefore unique. Each product has its own story and starts its own journey when it leaves our workshop.

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