Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

This year, Father’s Day falls on June 17th, and William Firth Woodcraft is here to help you find the perfect gift, with our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018.

Whether you’re buying for your Dad, Grandad, Husband or just someone in your life that you want to appreciate on this day, we’ve got you covered. We’ve selected our top 5 products that we think will make the perfect gift this year.

Under £30

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018Personalised Beer Paddle

A recent addition to Not on the High Street, our Personalised Beer Paddles are the perfect gift to accompany your Dad’s favourite beer this Father’s Day.

Crafted from Beech and holding either 3 or 5 third pint glasses that come packaged with the Paddle, it is a real showstopper of a gift and is sure to be cherished by your loved ones.

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Father's Day Gift Guide 2018Personalised Serving Board

With the ability to personalise our Serving Boards, AND offering free delivery, this is a great versatile gift that really will be unique to its recipient.

Created from one solid piece of Beech, the wood is cut down from a plank and the rest of the shaping and finishing is done completely by hand out of our workshop.

Offering both the ‘Wonky’ Serving Board and ‘Long’ Serving Board and free delivery, you’re sure to find the perfect option here

Click here to shop the Wonky Serving Board

Click here to shop the Long Serving Board

Under £50

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018Personalised Beer Caddy

One of our most popular products of the year so far, our Personalised Beer Caddies are a great, product, ready to fill with 6 of your loved ones’ favourite beers. Crafted from Beech and complete with a mounted bottle opener, the Caddy can be personalised with your message ready to give this Father’s Day.

As with all of our products, our Beer Caddies are 100% handmade, and would truly make a fantastic gift!

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Father's Day Gift Guide 2018Desk Tidy

The perfect way to organise anyone’s workspace, our Handmade Desk Tidy is a fantastic and unique gift to give this Father’s Day. Whether it’s to hold pens, pencils or even small tools in a shed, garage or workshop, this piece is a truly stylish way to organise just about anything!

The Desk Tidies take several days to produce from start to finish, due to the finishes and patterns that represent William Firth Woodcraft’s style and quality of work. Created from a variety of woods, each product is unique and has its own character, meaning you’ll be giving a truly memorable gift this Father’s Day.

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Under £100

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018End Grain Chopping Board

Our Hero product, and still one of our most popular since we launched in 2016, the End Grain Chopping Board is the ultimate addition to any kitchen, and really would be a showstopping gift this Father’s Day.

Our Boards are made completely by hand from start to finish, meaning they take well over a week to produce each single board. Available in both 14×8″ and 16×10″ and either patterned or striped, you’re sure to please with this beautiful gift!

Click here to shop the End Grain Chopping Boards

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018

We’re (just about) over our January Blues, and love is in the air as we fast approach Valentine’s Day 2018. Whoever you’re shopping for, and whatever their interests, we’re sure to have the perfect gift here in our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

We’ve hand-picked our top products that we think would be most appropriate as the ideal gift this February 14th. If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for here, then why not head to our online shop and look at the full range of products we offer? Did you know, we offer free delivery on ALL orders over £50?

Personalised Beer Caddies

Valentine's Day Gift GuideFrom £30

One of our most popular products to date, the Personalised Beer Caddy, is a great gift to add your partner’s favourite Beer or Cider to, that is sure to last a lifetime.

Created completely by hand in our workshop and with your very own personalisation added, the 6 or 8 bottle holders are then beautifully finished with a mounted bottle opener on the opposing side, making it the perfect Valentine’s Gift.

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Serving BOard

Valentine's Day Gift Guide £25

One of our favourite products and extremely popular with both men and women, our Serving Boards are a truly beautiful addition to any home, and they are a very practical gift, too.

Produced from American Cherry, the grain is unique to each Board, and as with all of our products, it is made completely by hand. Extremely good value and a beautiful product, what’s not to love?

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Cake Knife

Valentine's Day Gift GuideFrom £30

Our Cake Knives are currently available with two wood variations – American Black Walnut and European Oak, or with the inclusion of Exotic Woods; Purpleheart or Zebrano.

Making the perfect gift for a significant other with a sweet tooth, our Cake Knives are 100% food safe and yes, they do actually work! The blade is just enough to get a beautifully clean cut through any sweet treat.

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End Grain Chopping Board

Valentine's Day Gift GuideFrom £80

Our End Grain Chopping Boards are the perfect, show-stopping gift that is produced to the highest quality, and is sure to last longer than a lifetime. Complete with care instructions, our End Grain Chopping Boards come either Striped or Patterned, and are a truly beautiful piece, sure to please this Valentine’s Day.

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So those are our favourite products that we think are perfect for Valentine’s Day 2018. If you have any questions, or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and if you’d like to browse our full product range, click here.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Here at William Firth Woodcraft, we offer a wide variety of products perfect for a variety of budgets. We pride ourselves on our traditional methods to create all of our products by hand, and use best practices to ensure each product is finished to the highest standard. Here, in our Christmas Gift Guide 2017, we have put together some of our favourite products to help take some of the stress out of your Christmas Shopping.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Personalised Gifts – From £30

Christmas Gift Guide 2017One of our most popular products in 2017 has been our Personalised Beer and Cider Caddy. Created from Beech, the Caddies come in two sizes, a 6 bottle holder and an 8 bottle holder.

When ordering, simply send us the personalisation you’d like on the product and we’ll send back a design for you to approve before sending the final product to be etched.

Our Caddies make the perfect gift for ‘the man or woman who has everything’ or people that are particularly difficult to buy for!

To shop Personalised Beer and Cider Caddies, click here.

Gifts Under £20

Spreaders – £14

Christmas Gift Guide 2017Are you buying for any ‘Foodies’ this Christmas? Our Spreaders are the perfect Christmas gift for just that person, and paired with a Butter Dish or Serving Board, it really will please your loved ones this Christmas Day.

Available in a variety of timber, including the beautiful Purpleheart, each Spreader is whittled by hand in our workshop making each one unique.

To shop our Spreaders, click here.

Spatulas and Cooking Spoons – £18

Christmas Gift Guide 2017If you’re buying for someone who loves to cook, is a real ‘foodie’ or loves to have a stylish kitchen, then these are the products for you!

As with all of our products, the Spatulas and Cooking Spoons are completely handmade in the workshop and available in a variety of different timber.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017A stylish addition to anybody’s home, these products are sure to be a hit this Christmas.

To shop Spatulas, click here.

To shop Cooking Spoons, click here.

Gifts Under £50

Wonky Serving Board – £25

One of our most popular products, our Wonky Serving Boards are so versatile. They can be used as Cheese Boards, Breadboards, Dessert Boards or even Deli Boards, serving up your favourite delights! Each handle is intentionally crafted differently on each Board, making them completely unique.

To shop Wonky Serving Boards, click here.

Cake Knife – £35

Cake Knife

With their beautifully crafted handles, and slick yet effective wooden cutting blade, our Cake Knives cut smoothly through any sweet treat. Considering Christmas is the time for indulgence, why not give your loved one a stylish way to cut their Christmas Cake this year? Produced in a variety of different timbers, our Cake Knives are sure to last a lifetime.

To shop Cake Knives, click here.

Desk Tidy – £40

Do you know someone that is obsessed with Stationery? Or do you know someone that loves a tidy desk? If so, our Desk Tidies are for you!

Sandwiched together out of a variety of timbers (Maple & Walnut here on the photo), they are built to last and will give anyone’s desk the perfect finishing touch. To shop Desk Tidies, click here.

Gifts Under £100

End Grain Chopping Boards – From £80

Christmas Gift Guide 2017Our End Grain Chopping Boards are the real gem within our product portfolio. Taking over a week to make from start to finish, each board is unique with its own grain and formation, and can lost longer than a lifetime if well cared for.

To shop our End Grain Chopping Boards, click here.

We hope you found our Christmas Gift Guide 2017 useful, however if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We can’t quite believe it, but Mother’s Day is just around the corner! I thought I’d take the hassle out of the shopping for you and put together what we think would make the best Mother’s Day gifts.

Wonky Serving Board

Now, I may I bang on about it, but I love this product. It’s unique and would make the perfect gift for your Mum’s kitchen. They are perfect for serving up whatever you fancy – cheese, bread, puddings – anything!

Wonky Serving Board

Wonky Serving Board – £25









Shop the Wonky Serving Boards here

Cake Knife

Who doesn’t love cake?! This is one of my newer products,  I have sandwiched American Black Walnut between the exotic hardwood, Zebra Wood this would be the perfect gift for any cake-loving Mother who loves to entertain.

Cake Knife

Cake Knife – £30









Shop the Cake Knife

Desk Tidy

Our Desk Tidies are the perfect addition to any home, particularly for people who love to keep themselves organised. With holes for both pens/pencils and accessories like erasers and paper clips, this has everything you need, not to mention it looks stylish, too!

Desk Tidy

Desk Tidy – £40









Shop the Desk Tidy

Cooking Spoon

The Wooden Spoons I create are perfect for stirring and serving any type of food. Created from American Black Walnut and completely hand whittled, they have a unique finish to them and would be the perfect addition to any kitchen!

Cooking Spoon – £18









Shop the Cooking Spoons

This is just a small selection of our products that would be perfect for your Mum or Gran this Mother’s Day – and for a limited time, you can use the coupon code NEWSITE17 to get 20% off all orders!