End Grain Chopping Board

End Grain Chopping Board

No kitchen is complete without an End Grain Chopping Board, as it is such a staple in any home and an extremely versatile product. Taking several days to complete from start to finish, each End Grain Chopping Board is crafted completely by hand, meaning it takes over a week overall to complete.

The beauty about having an end grain board apart from the grain on show being so pleasing to look at, is that this grain orientation offers a multitude of advantages over any other cutting board; they will prevent your knives from loosing their edge as quickly, have natural antibacterial properties and when cared for properly it will last multiple lifetimes.

The end grain chopping boards come in two sizes, 14″ x 8″ and 16″ x 10″ and are all 2″ in thickness, unless otherwise requested.The Striped End Grain Chopping Boards are all handcrafted from American Black Walnut and Beech.

The item is 100% food safe and can be used to chop all foods, or even as a cheese board or serving board!

Care Instructions

Clean frequently with hot, soapy water and rinse and either allow to air dry, or pat with paper towels. All cutting boards, and other food surfaces, should be kept dry when not in use. Resident bacteria survive for no more than a few hours without moisture. Keep moisture of any type from standing on the block for long periods of time. Beware of moisture collecting beneath the board if you leave it on the counter. If you can, prop one end up when not using your board. We recommend to oil the board once a year, dependent on frequency of use. We use Chestnut Food Safe Oil on all our products. Apply oil with a soft cloth, allowing the oil to soak in. Allow oil to soak in a few minutes, then remove all surface oil with a dry, clean cloth.

Please note, the chopping board you receive will not be the exact same as in the photos.

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