Honey Dipper and Pot

Honey DipperHandmade Honey Dipper and Pot

Our Handmade Honey Dipper and Pot is the perfect, traditional tool to help any honey lover along in the kitchen. Complete with pot, this item makes a great gift for anyone’s home.

The Dipper itself is turned from Beech on the Lathe and the pot is also Beech. The two different elements being created from the same timber provides a great consistency, and when the pot is filled with delicious honey, the products are truly complete.

Please note the Honey Pot shown above is not produced from Beech.

How to use the Honey Dipper

The best way to use the Honey Dipper is to dip it into the honey itself, and as it is lifted, slowly twirl it around to gather it without dripping any. Once the honey is gathered on the Dipper, drizzle over your favourite food, and enjoy!

The Dipper is finished with food safe oil and organic beeswax to ensure it is completely safe to use, every time.

Care Instructions

Rinse with warm water and do not scrub hard, as this can remove the food safe oil and even damage the product. If you have any queries or questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.