Wholesale William Firth Woodcraft Products

All of the products we create are 100% handmade out of our workshop in Scorton, Lancashire. Making quality our priority, all of our products have their own personality whilst being finished to an exquisite standard before heading out to both individual customers and stockists alike. If you’re thinking of stocking wholesale William Firth Woodcraft products, read on!

All of the products on our online shop are available as wholesale items, except the single run, turned items such as bowls. If you are looking for bowls, worry not, as we can create a bespoke range for your store on our Lathe so you can still stock these.

As well as providing the products to your business, you are also free to utilise our photography within your marketing material, all we ask is that you credit ‘William Firth Woodcraft’ with each photograph used.

Corporate Products

Bells of Lazonby bread board created by William Firth WoodcraftAs well as supplying to stockists nationwide, we also work very closely with Breweries and Cider Producers, as well as an array of other businesses in different sectors. Whether it is a corporate, personalised gift, Tap Handles or Serving Boards with your logo etched, we can create the ideal range for you, meeting your needs and requirements. If you’d like to discuss this further, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Galleries & Exhibitions

Not only do we supply to stockists and corporate businesses, we also often feature in Galleries and Exhibitions across the country. We have featured at venues including Craft Centre Leeds, Arteria Lancaster and Museums Sheffield to name a few, and are always very privileged to be asked to be involved in any show. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss this further.

Whatever your businesses, we can create a variety of products available in a range of quantities to meet your wholesale needs.

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